28 Day Slimming Tea

28 Day Slimming Tea

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Our slimming tea contains a powerful group of ingredients to help slim your body! It is like a white tea, a green tea and a weight loss tea all as a great tasting herbal tea wrapped up in a beauty pouch. Amazing things happen when you drink a cup of our slimming tea in the morning. It is used as a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a candida cleanse, a blood purifier and a whole body detoxifier.

Combined with exercise, healthy diet & use of our other health & wellness weight loss products, Mink Slimming Tea will have you feeling energized and ready to get the sexy body you’ve dreamed of!

  • Enjoy every morning before or after breakfast. If you forget, just drink when you get a chance.
  • 1 bag for 4-5 minutes in nearly boiling water. If desired, add honey or a slice of lemon to taste. NO SUGAR!
  • Contains caffeine. Not recommended for consumption after 5pm.

INGREDIENTS: Senna leaf, green tea, cassia seed, lotus leaf, fiveleaf gynostemma, honeysuckle flower, hawthorn fruit, honey (flavourant)

Mink Slimming Tea can promote:

Weight Loss*
Clean Colon*
Boost Energy*
Healthy Digestive System*
Reduce Bloating*